Semester One 2014 Approaches…


Aug. 2014: It’s been a bit quiet around the Millennium Point campus of Birmingham School of Media recently. The BA students are away until courses begin in late Sept. – so the radio tech team have taken advantage of the quiet period to fine tune the studios in the Parkside Building (to the left). They’ve done a great job so far – and it’ll be good to see the studios in full use when we start the second year of radio classes in Parkside.

Radio Pic BCU Parkside


Frontiers Podcast: I caught up with Ed McKeon recently – he curated the Frontiers Festival that ended in June with the performance of “A Secret Rose” by Rhys Chatham at the Birmingham Town Hall. It was a powerful thing to hear 100 Electric Guitars at once – a genuine wall of sound. The clip below is a compilation of the podcasts the Ed presented for the Festival.

Frontiers Podcast Compilation by Frontiers_Festival on Mixcloud

Frontiers Fest

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